Our Mission

Resolve is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation [charity] that supports the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from substance/alcohol misuse problems and homelessness, in Hertfordshire, extending services into other areas as and when appropriate. Resolve’s primary aim is to assist Service Users to move to a manageable, positive lifestyle, contributing to and enhancing the communities within which they live.

The results will be seen in the following areas:

Our Vision

We Believe in,

Empowerment of our Community within and outside of Resolve.

Compassion non-judgmental, unconditional regard, empathy, support, safety and care of everyone we come into contact with.

Integrity leading by example, with adherence to our shared values.

Professionalism achieving the highest possible standards as laid down by professional bodies and those that we hold ourselves accountable to.

Communicating openly, honestly and transparently with everyone.