Resolve works with local partners

Resolve is now working with the Welwyn Hatfield Housing Needs TeamWelHat CAB and Druglink on a project aimed at reducing homelessness in the borough and to help people find housing solutions that are appropriate to their needs.

Not every person who finds themselves homeless will necessarily be able to be housed by the Council, however Welwyn Hatfield Council are forward thinking in trying to find housing solutions that will help people who find themselves sleeping rough within the borough.

This is not an invitation for people to come to Welwyn Hatfield and expect to be housed. In some cases people will be referred out to shelters or hostels as this will be their most urgent need. However, through this project there is now a dedicated team of professionals across a number of agencies who are focusing on trying to help people find solutions to their homelessness rather than stay sleeping rough on the streets.

Resolve is excited to be involved in this amazing project and looking forward to working with our partners to find housing solutions for people within the borough so that fewer people are sleeping rough on the streets.