“Eight and a half years ago I stumbled/walked into Resolve for the first time and through your brilliant team efforts and patience I was able to take my first steps in conquering my alcohol addiction. The past eight years of my life is owed to your wonderful organisation.  Please feel free to let anyone know that my award is down to you guys. Even though for many who struggle looking ahead to tomorrow, never mind eight years, there is light at the end of the tunnel.” — Terry McCann (2018).

“This day service has given a chance for life in front of me, keeping me safe daily and putting me on a path of recovery. It has actually done more than words can say.” — Ant, a Service User.

“After 48 years of alcohol, I joined Resolve. During my first 8 weeks I have reduced my drinking dramatically and will stop soon. A superb group and excellent support.” — Quote from Steve, Service User, Steve is now abstinent and making positive changes in his life, applying for a new job and bidding for a council flat.

“I never thought I would see this on my estate in my whole life. These people aren’t miracle workers, but they do what it says on the tin – they make it happen!” If you build they will come is the motto – well they are coming!! In droves and desperately so.” Extract from a letter passed to Resolve written by a Service User.

“I joined Resolve in April 2020. At this time all the sessions were being held over Zoom due to the national lockdown. Despite not having physical contact, I felt welcomed and supported both by the facilitators and other clients. Having this support and participating in the sessions four days a week it gave me much needed structure and support to work through my problems that had played a part in my alcohol addiction. When restrictions allowed Resolve to hold face to face sessions this helped me even further as I had a proper connection with people and have found the groups invaluable. Resolve has been a life saving intervention for me personally and the staff have helped me get through a very dark period in my life and enabled me to stay sober. I am extremely grateful that I have been able to access the excellent service Resolve offers.”  Extract from a letter passed to Resolve written by a Service User.

“Attending groups helps make me accountable, build new meaningful relationships and is a safe place to discuss difficult, complex and upsetting behaviours or problems. As discussing recovery with family members can often be problematic, this is a rare and crucial environment for me do so. The service continuing to reach out with Zoom through lockdown undoubtedly contributed to the stability and success of ongoing recovery. The availability of supplemental therapies such as acupuncture, in conjunction with daily classes has provided me with a solid but flexible recovery plan fully tailored to my unique recovery. Resolve has been a lifesaver for me over the past year. By providing structured groups to facilitate open, honest discussion, critical tools and genuine support, the service has been instrumental in my recovery process. With their help I have achieved a full year of unbroken sobriety and recently facilitated an art class for peers.”  Extract from a letter passed to Resolve written by a Service User.