5 Ways You Are Helping Others When You Help Resolve

Sometimes, when people briefly come into contact with our organisation, or have a naturally giving nature, they are unaware of how much their generosity positively impacts others. At Resolve, we deeply appreciate any help we receive and want to assure you that your help goes a really long way!

1. Item Donations

When you donate to our baby boutique, it might seem like you’re just giving away a few items, but in truth, you’re making someone’s day-to-day life easier. Whether you donate nappies, toys, clothing, or anything a young child may need, you are helping a family ensure their little ones are happy and healthy.

We thank everyone who has already donated items to us.

2. Buying from Our Café/Baby Boutique

You may not realise it, but when you buy from Spark’s Community Café or the Baby Boutique, you’re not only helping us continue offering our services; you’re also enabling us to organise events like Santa’s Grotto or the Coronation Barbecue, which provides a fun day out for many families. So, thank you to the individuals who have purchased from our café or baby boutique – we thoroughly appreciate your support.

3. Sharing Our Socials

You might see sharing socials as a small gesture, but in reality, you’re keeping everyone you know informed about the work we do at Resolve. This may allow someone in need to access our services or may encourage someone else to generously support our organisation. A big thank you to everyone who interacts with our posts; please continue to engage when you can.

4. Monetary Donations

When individuals generously send a monetary donation it means that we can allocate our funds where they are needed most; whether that be funding professional counselling, paying a key worker to provide help and support, or covering expenses for telephone and internet. Every monetary donation adds up to make a huge difference in someone’s life. We cannot thank those who have kindly donated to us enough.

5. Volunteering

If you work as a volunteer for Resolve in any capacity, you are helping us continue to deliver our amazing services. Whether you’re on the board of trustees, assisting to deliver our group work, or helping in the café or baby boutique, we value the work you do to keep the organisation running and to maintain our excellent relations with the community. Thank you to the incredible individuals who volunteer with us – we couldn’t do the work we do without you.

Get involved

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